As scholars who study the human past lives, archaeologists have a responsibility to develop and disseminate information from their studies to public. Various ways can be done to share information of how important the past by various publications (books and articles), exhibitions, seminars, and socialization. There is other stragetic to share information, such as by using an archeologist organization, Association of Indonesian Archaeologists (Ikatan Ahli Arkeologi Indonesia), especially in Kalimantan (Komda Kalimantan), who are expected to role in society. Therefore, in this paper the author tries to discuss the role of archaeologists to the enactment of the 2013 curriculum for schools (elementary, middle, and high school) in Indonesia. Education curriculum that focuses on character education along with the necessity to apply the changes and the growing demands in this moment. This paper is descriptive, data collection was done by means of literature study (books and newspapers), and the observation of the development activities undertaken by the centre of archaeology Banjarmasin (Balai Arkeologi Banjarmasin), and activities have been done by IAAI (Komda Kalimantan). The results on written sources and the observation will be further evaluated and then organized various activities that can be done by archaeologists who are members of the IAAI (Komda Kalimantan) for a more active role in the implementation of the 2013 curriculum.

Keywords: archaeology, culture, Kalimantan, publications, curriculum, education

Source: Naditira Widya, Vol. 8 No. 2 Oktober 2014, p. 127-134.

Filed under: Naditira Widya

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