This paper will discuss unfinished archaeological research themes at Balai Arkeologi Banjarmasin, and it is considered to be studied by different perspectives. The data are collected from research reports which examined the site only from one point of view without trying to continue the research from different prespectives, which was suggested as uncompleted research. This condition illustrates that the breadth of perspective study on a site is not comprehensive yet. Furthermore, the paper will be prepared by noticing the reality of archaeological researches (in Banjarmasin) and mapping its condition. By this way, it will show the trend of model or theme of research. From this step, it is necessary to watch the possibility of research development. Meanwhile, the research models which have been done, should also be evaluated for finding the proper research stages. It is expected to produce a trend map of archaeological research model that can be planned to form advanced research for deepening knowledge. Finally, it will be generated the much more comprehensive archeological research results.

 Keywords: research result, evaluation, Center for Archaeology Banjarmasin

Source: Naditira Widya, Vol. 8 No. 2 Oktober 2014, p. 105-126
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