Ida Bagus Putu Prajna Yogi

 Early arrival of Chinese community in Banjarmasin is due to trade activity. Transport lines used are rivers. Therefore, settlements tend to be concentrated along the big river basin, such as Veteran, Gedangan, and RK Ilir which are located along the Martapura river in Banjarmasin. Joglo gudang is one of the cultural forms that emerged in the Chinese community in South Kalimantan. This article will discuss the history of joglo gudang and the reasons why chinese society have chosen the construction as the form of their residence in South Kalimantan. The method used is descriptive-analytic. The combination of local genius elements of the Chinese community in setting up residential and adaptive efforts to adjust to residential environment in Borneo which tend watery and produced a new form of Banjarese traditional architecture, joglo gudang.

Keywords: Chinese, architecture, Banjarese, aculturation, history

Source: Naditira Widya, Vol. 8 No. 2 Oktober 2014, p. 69-76.

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